How The Game Works - EP 0Edit

You start off by meeting ChiNoMiko , here she explains to you how the game works. The first lesson is learning about Action Points (AP) which allows you to move around the school, the amount of AP you have can be seen at the top corner of the screen. A total of 10 action points are awarded each day upon login in if you run out of AP you'll have to wait until the following day to recive more or buy from the bank.

The sceond lesson is money which is used to buy clothing and other accessories, each day you are give $15 and like with the AP if you run out you'll have to wait until the following day for more or buy from the bank,

Getting To Know The BoyEdit

The boys

It's best to learn each boys habits and routines such as the locations they like to frequent this will make them more easier to find however they may not be there all the time *cough*Nathaniel*cough*

While you might not have a difficult time finding others this doesn't mean their easier to flirt with! So why not head over to the Characters  section and get to know them at bit better!



The Love’O’Meter appears on the right side of your screen based on your choices it'll either go up or down. This determines the relationship between you and the other characters in the game with each character meter starting at zero. The higher the meter the more the boy likes you and willing to help you out so try to win him over.

Date page
On the "My Dates" page next to each boy you can see a heart that corresponds to the level of the love’o’meter in the game. The higher the level, the bigger and redder the heart. If the level is low, their will be a grey and broken heart ( your heart will always evolve at the same rythym as your L'o'M!)

Date OutfitsEdit

The boy with the highest affinity by the end of the ep you'll win a date with but be sure to pick your answers carefully to go on the date with your favorite. Also picking the wrong date outfit can cause you to loose the date resulting in the need of a Story Replay or Single Ep Replay



Missions are


Acquire rings with specific effects to achieve your goals more easily or create unexpected situations.

Boys rings

Create Your CharacterEdit

Customize your character simply, choose her star sign, choose from several different hair styles and colors! Adapt her style using the variety of clothing available in the store as you advCustomize your characterance through the episodes.You can also decorate your room with the items you win in the game!

Customize your character
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